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Multicultural Teachers of the Deaf provide and promote cultural diversity and inclusion within deaf education nationally and internationally. MCTOD fosters and supports the development of academic and social needs of deaf children of color, through highlighting the awareness for the increase of multicultural teachers of the deaf.


MCTOD provides opportunities for leadership and develops positive relationships with members of the multicultural Deaf Community. MCTOD focuses on the recruitment of new members for growth of the profession. Promoting the values and need for Diversity in Teacher of the Deaf education programs as well as creating a platform for advocacy.

Our Vision


Multicultural Teachers of the Deaf have  developed programs based on the premise that WE (parents, educators and the community) are the most important elements within a Deaf students life.  Our programs are centered on supporting each element of the students life to ensure they have an understanding of how social and cultural norms impact their academics. Our Programs include: 


Teacher Mentorship

As a new Teacher of the Deaf, mentorship is most valuable. Mentorship will allow you the opportunity to learn and have constant collaboration with veteran Teachers of the Deaf who can support you in many ways.

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Parent Advocacy

Your child deserves the best education possible. Do you have questions on how to support your Deaf/Hard of hearing child? If so let us help. Our team specializes in supporting families as they rear their child in the education system.


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ASL Development

Have you always wanted to learning ASL? Do you have a knack for learning languages? We are offering an amazing course with a twist. Learn the language intertwined with culture!!


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